Thank you for becoming an active contributor of our program. Our program managers will contact you soon using email, Telegram or FB Massenger details you provided the registration. Please note the following rules that will make our cooperation fruitful and efficient:

  • Follow the deadlines, if a task has a deadline. If you see that you might miss the deadline — please contact your manager to discuss the situation. Failure to comply with the deadline might result into your task status being set as ‘failed’. It means you won’t get PTIs for this task and might be disqualified from the program.
  • Do not copy text or other work produced by others without making references. Plagiarism undermines your commitment as well as our promotion program and Paytomat as a team.
  • Follow the task instructions. If you are not sure you understand the task — please contact your manager for clarifications. We do not award PTIs to community members whose work does not meet the task guidelines.
  • Do not present yourself as an official representative of Paytomat. The best way to communicate with others about us is explaining that you are participant of this promotion program and providing a link to

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Content programs

  • Content Bounty Program Img2 Img3
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    Content Reward Program

    Write interesting articles and blog posts or make inspiring videos about our technology and get rewarded by Paytomat

  • Regional Leaders Program

    Create and lead you local crypto community. Translate our website, white paper, blog, marketing and promo materials into your native language. Create meetups, onboard merchants, make money with Paytomat decentralized franchise

    Local Community Managers Program Img2 Img2 shadow
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  • Circles referral Programs
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    Other Promo Programs

    You can get free tokens not only with and not only in PTI. Paytomat often organizes giveaways on our official chat on Telegram. Join our chat not to miss this opportunity!

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